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Dive into the world of 444SVT Tattoo, where every artist is a storyteller, driven by passion and unparalleled skill. Our team thrives on challenges, pushing artistic boundaries with each creation. Here, clients find more than talented hands.

Master Svietliy

Sak Yant, Sacred Tattoo Ceremonies, Sacred Geometry, Handpoke, Custom Designs

Meet Master Svietliy, the founder of 444SVT Sacred Vessel Tattoo Studios and a revered spiritual guide in the realm o...

Marley Rae

Single Needle, Neo-Traditional, Meaningful, Illustrative, Handpoke, Fine Line

Meet Marley Rae, a medical professional turned tattoo artist, who made a life-changing move from Idaho to Los Angele...

Delaney Louise

Neo-Traditional, Meaningful, Mandala, Illustrative, Floral, Fine Line, Custom Designs

Meet Delaney Louise, a burgeoning tattoo artist who discovered her calling five years ago amidst a personal spiritua...

Paulina Vitarella

Neo-Traditional, Illustrative, Handpoke, Custom Designs, Black-Work, Animals

Meet Paulina, the 23 year-old creative powerhouse behind 444SVT. As a multidisciplinary designer who loves blending t...

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