How to Find 444SVT Tattoo Studio in Pasadena: A Comprehensive Guide

Discovering a prime tattoo spot in Pasadena just became easier! Nestled in the heart of the city, 444SVT Tattoo Studio promises an experience as unique as the art it creates. But before you book an appointment, let's make your journey to us as smooth as possible.

Location Is Key: Finding 444SVT Tattoo Studio

Our studio is conveniently located at 444 South Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105. With easy accessibility and numerous routes leading to our doorstep, you're only a few turns away from embarking on your tattoo journey.

Parking: Hassle-Free and Ample

One of the perks of choosing 444SVT is the abundance of parking options available to our esteemed customers.

  1. Dedicated Free Parking at 444SVT: We boast a free dedicated parking space for our patrons. You can find this space in the courtyard, ensuring your vehicle is close by and secure. The entry to this courtyard is accessible both from Bellevue Dr. and Fair Oaks Ave. A quick tip? Look for the 444SVT signboard to help guide your way in!

  2. Free 2-Hour Parking on Bellevue Dr.: If our dedicated space is full, don't fret! Bellevue Dr. offers free 2-hour parking, which gives you ample time to get your ink and maybe even stop for a quick bite nearby.

Public Transport: A Green Route to 444SVT

If you're an advocate for public transport, or just looking to avoid the LA traffic, we've got you covered!

Del Mar Metro Station is a stone's throw away from our studio. Here's a brief walking guide to make the short journey even easier:

  • Step 1: Exit Del Mar Metro Station and head towards South Raymond Ave.
  • Step 2: Turn left onto Del Mar Blvd.
  • Step 3: After a short walk, turn right onto South Fair Oaks Ave.
  • Step 4: Continue on South Fair Oaks Ave until you spot 444SVT Tattoo Studio on your left.

The entire walk takes under 10 minutes, making it a refreshing way to kick-start your tattoo session.

In Conclusion

Whether you're driving in, enjoying a short walk from the metro station, or just in the neighborhood, finding 444SVT Tattoo Studio is a breeze. With our central location, parking options, and proximity to public transport, we ensure that your journey to us is as pleasant as the time you spend inside. So gear up, and let's ink some memories!

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