Delaney Louise

Custom Designs, Fine Line, Floral, Illustrative, Mandala, Meaningful, Neo-Traditional -

Delaney Louise

Meet Delaney Louise, a burgeoning tattoo artist who discovered her calling five years ago amidst a personal spiritual awakening. Her journey into tattooing gained momentum during the Covid period, leading her to purchase her first tattoo machine and begin her exploration into this sacred art form. Delaney's path intertwined with Master Svietliy's work, a source of constant inspiration, and led her to a pivotal moment in 2022 – receiving her own Sak Yant tattoo from him in California.

This transformative experience compelled Delaney to move from Colorado to Los Angeles, diving deeper into her apprenticeship under Master Svietliy. There, she has enriched her understanding of meditation, spirituality, and philosophy, intertwining these elements into her tattoo work.

Delaney's specialty lies in black and grey, floral, mandala, and ornamental designs, each piece a testament to her spiritual and artistic journey. In the dynamic ambiance of Los Angeles, she continues to hone her skills and broaden her tattooing style, marrying her deep-rooted spiritual insights with her evolving artistic flair.

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