Marley Rae

Fine Line, Handpoke, Illustrative, Meaningful, Neo-Traditional, Single Needle -

Marley Rae

Meet Marley Rae, a medical professional turned tattoo artist, who made a life-changing move from Idaho to Los Angeles in 2023. With a rich background in otolaryngology and a master’s in Physician Associate studies, Marley's journey took a spiritual turn after receiving her first yantra tattoo from Master Svietliy. This marked the beginning of her venture into sacred hand-poked tattooing.

Today, Marley balances her medical career with her passion for tattooing, specializing in custom pieces that blend ancient wisdom and symbols with soft, fine lines. Inspired by nature and spirit guides, her tattoos are more than art; they're a bridge between Western and Eastern practices, each piece a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Marley is not just about adorning the skin; she's about adorning the soul, eagerly awaiting to connect with those who seek meaningful, transformative tattoos.

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