Master Svietliy

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Master Svietliy

Meet Master Svietliy, the founder of 444SVT Sacred Vessel Tattoo Studios and a revered spiritual guide in the realm of sacred symbolism. His unique journey encompasses a deep understanding of diverse cultures, spiritual practices, and sacred art. He connects with the universe through yoga and meditation, fostering a life of high vibration and daily spiritual cleansing.

Svietliy's significant distinction lies in being the only person initiated by Buddhist Monk Ajan Toi to perform Sak Yant tattoo ceremonies, a sacred art he has brought from Thailand to the United States. This transformative practice goes beyond a simple tattoo appointment; it's a spiritual journey, a catalyst for growth and connection to higher consciousness.

Master Svietliy is more than just a tattoo artist; he's a guiding light in spiritual transformation, helping others through teachings, sacred ceremonies, and the powerful symbolism of his work.

To delve deeper into the mystical world of sacred tattooing, Sak Yant ceremonies, and to learn more about Master Svietliy, visit and follow him on Instagram @svietliy. This is more than ink on skin; it's a journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

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